How shall I live without my child? 

The death of a child before that of a parent is unnatural. Yet children may die before their parents, and in Ontario, thousands of infants, children and young adults die annually.


Though it seems impossible to live without your son or daughter, there is a path to healing. Dealing with the loss involves coping with the intense grief, and this is normal in the healing process. Strong feelings of shock, disbelief, sorrow, anger, guilt, fear and depression may surface and spill out. Others may not be able to express their feelings, and struggle to release them.


Often we do not understand what is happening to us and our relationships, and those around us may suffer. Even those friends and relatives that care about us most may not understand our emotions and reactions, and may respond inappropriately.


Children experience the same feelings but are even less able to identify or cope with them. Our surviving children may mistakenly see their parents' grief as an indication that the dead child was loved more.

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