Volunteer Stories 

Our volunteers are what drive our success. Read below why so many people choose to give back to BFOYR. 


“In 2006 my daughter Jocelyn, at age 21, was killed in a car accident caused by a distracted driver who ran into the back of her car and pushed the car into the path of an oncoming bus. In the darkest moments of grief I was introduced to BFOYR and joined a group of people who had faced the loss of a child. This was a Godsend as finally I could talk to people who understood such a devastating loss and the sheer magnitude of the grief. In 2011 I felt that giving back was really important as BFOYR has saved me and my marriage, which was made more complex by my wife being Jocelyn's step-mother. I went through the training course and since then have run full grief sessions as well as supported a number of drop in sessions. Each time I meet other people, in the early stages of this Journey of Grief, I am reminded of the hopelessness we felt in our early stages. Each session I do continues to help my journey.Had it not been for BFOYR and the volunteers who helped us we would not be where we are today. Thank you to all who volunteer and help.” 

- John Wild, BFOYR Volunteer

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