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Message from Our Executive Director

A most genuine and mindful thank you to all of our dedicated Staff, Students & Volunteers who continue to help design, develop and deliver all of our grief healing supports; responding to the identified grief & bereavement support needs of York Region and surrounding areas. With the strong strategic direction from our dedicated Board of Directors, the support of our Community Partners and our Funders...…Together we really do make a difference!!!   We keep the Candle of Hope & Healing visible... shining bright & lighting the way for every person grieving and desperately trying to cope.  To those who are currently navigating the lonely, personal journey of loss of a loved one, we are here - please reach out to us at 905-898-6265. I am so honored to be a part of such an important cause and to be able to collaborate with such beautiful souls who are collectively dedicated to timely and compassionate grief healing peer support across our beautiful Region of York.  Thank you  to our  exceptional Board, to every Volunteer, Staff member and for every support donation.  It truly is because of your kindness, your generosity, your time and commitment that we are able to continue with our dedication to fully inclusive and accessible grief healing peer support. 

With sincere gratitude, 

Barbara Bathurst, BFOYR / Grief Healing Support Centre's Executive Director 2023

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